Friday, January 15, 2010

Actual verbage from a Craigslist add.....

This Mercury Villager is actually a Nissan Quest in disguise, but of course you already knew that. And so that means it's powered by the time tested 3.0 v6 Nissan motor and automatic transmission giving you the combination of exceptional preformance and great gas mileage . That being said we all know it runs excellent, even with 149000 miles. Infact I drive it all the time without any concerns. The interior is in great shape with none of those excessive ("mom I spilled the ice cream") or ( fluffy peed again") pet stains. Nope, just nice and clean and smell free. So, if you are looking for VERY inexpensive reliable transportation, that will carry cargo and kids, this will work just fine. Oh yeah, just for a bonus, the exterior doesn't have a spec of rust on it. Nice, I know. Thanks for your time, you can call me at (603)-793-9865. My name is Joe. Have a great day.

I just love the bizarre punctuation, while I am no grammar expert this just seemed funny. But nothing tops the off the wall examples and I have never seen a ( fluffy peed again") stain in a car, is this really that prevalent a problem that this is the selling point or what this guy thought this would add. I know I am assuming this is a guy but I am pretty confident on this one.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

These girls are not messing around...

I really enjoy soccer, I usually do not enjoy watching it as much as other sports as it is a bit slow to watch, but this I saw this on another blog and was just appalled. I usually criticize hockey for being unnecessarily violent, I want to see people use skill at the game, not skill in being goons (I'd watch boxing if I wanted to see fighting). But this puts it over the top, the game still went to the team that wasn't being overly violent here, but I've never seen anything like this in soccer.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Big Tent Republican party....

As I have been listening to the news and dialog surrounding the three special elections today, a certain aspect of the conversation has grabbed my attention. In the vein of being open about this I am a conservative independent from NH and have a tendancy to side with the republican party candidates over the democratic party candidates simply on the idea of fiscal responsibility--but I do not like either party themselves. The conversation I was speaking of was tht of the republican party needing a big tent vs. having a very small polarizing view of what a candidate needs to believe. This seems to be primarily stemming from the NY 23 congressional district election in which Scozzafava (R) dropped out of the race for falling behind in the race. Hoffman the third party candidate seems to have momentum and may win.

People are painting this as a situation where the republican party is purging the moderates, which seems silly and foolish, but upon closer inspection it is more that the particular candidate was very liberal, not very moderate. So to say the party is purging itself does not seem accurate, I love to see it anytime people vote for principle over party.

If the republican party wants to have success it needs to have a big tent, which means being able to allow people the freedom to believe what they feel is right and not have such a narrow political platform. The idea of a party makes sense, a sort of union for candidates, but also needs to back off (this applies to both parties) telling what each candidate should believe in, have a few basic beliefs and say that if you believe in X, Y, Z, you can fit into our party.

If the party has too extensive a platform, you will innevitably have politicians lying (gasp) and saying they believe these things to attract the support they need to get in power, then they will proceed to be themselves and pick and choose which part of the platform they really do believe in.

I will likely edit this early morning rant down a bit later,

the Granite Independent

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Initial Post...

This blog is intended (for the moment) to be a collection of thoughts, hobbies, and interests. I wish to be able to expand on this regularly to help me with cataloging the goings-on of my life and allow me to look back on it.

I will generally try to keep politics out of the blog, but come election cycle (and occasionally in-between) I will have a few posts about items of interest. I am a political junkie---but am not a Republican or Democrat as both parties are entirely corrupt and I intend to make any candidate work for my vote.

That's it for the politics for now. I have just started to get into hiking more and will try to catalog my progress with that.